Website Requirements

Website Requirements

Part 1: General Information

Part 2: Background Information

Part 3: Brand Identify

Do you have a logo?
Have you considered redesigning your logo?
Do you have a style guide or brand standard?
Do you have the RGB, hex, or Pantone numbers of your desired colors?
Do you use Google Analytics?

Part 4: Design Preferences

Please list the names of three other sites that you like. In the comment section, please articulate why the sites are attractive to you.

Part 5: Content Management

Will you allow comments on your blog?
What types of pages would you like to have? Check all that apply.
Do you currently have content that you want to use?
If yes, what type of content will you be providing?
Do you have high resolution photographs that you want to incorporate into your website?
Who will be updating this website on an ongoing basis? Check all that apply.
How often do you think you will be updating the website?

Part 6: Website Features

Please check all of the features you would like to incorporate into your website:

What features would you like in incorporate into your website:
How do you plan to maintain your social media channels?

Part 7: Other Information

Do you have a designated IT person that we need to coordinate with?